Animal Shapes

Adam Lees : Guitar, Vocals / Chris Burke : Guitar, Vocals / Jonny Turcinskis : Bass, Vocals / Nick Van Breda : Drums, Vocals

Animal Shapes are a Sydney based four piece, drawing inspiration from the likes of Sonic Youth, Minus The Bear, American Football, Fugazi and Battles. Animal Shapes is made up of members of Sydney bands Grand Fatal, Lights Out, Lungs, The Optionals, The Reason, and Staying At Home. They attempt to construct noodley “twinkle-core” (a self-proclaimed genre of sorts) as democratically as possible. Animal Shapes’ debut album Calibi-Yau is out now on Wireless Records.

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Ivy St.

Thomas Hyland : Guitar, Vocals / Patrick Hatch : Bass / Chris Campbell : Drums

Ivy St. are a raw three piece assortment, that play music that contrasts of manic intensity and wide-open ambiance. Their sound could be said to be influenced by bands such as the Go-Betweens, Joy Division, and Hobart isolation. Ivy St. have played shows with the likes of Buzzcocks (UK), My Disco, The Grates, Children Collide and Fabulous Diamonds. They’ve released one Independent EP titled Flicker On, and their debut album Picture Machine is out now on Wireless Records.

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Troy Coxhill : Drums / Matt Fox : Guitar & Percussion / Chris Turner : Baritone Guitar

Melbourne outfit Nightmaster combine angular rock with Afro beat and calypso rhythms, apply some unexpected song structures and add surf melodies to create (arguably) seriously (totally) fresh summer jams. Songs are written to speak for themselves, as there is no singing to speak for them. Drawing on influences such as Fela Kuti, Wire, Tortoise and Santo and Johnny, Nightmaster makes you want to dance and/or go surfing, whichever you prefer. The stage has been shared with bands like Pets With Pets, Love Connection, Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, Daughterboy Jao, Milk Teddy, Radiant City, the Strange Attractions and Fourteen Nights at Sea.

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Pokett is the solo project of Paris based French artist Stephane Garry. Pokett builds strong songs from intimate acoustic melodies, inspired by the introspective songwriting of Bert Jansch, Nick Drake and more contemporary artists like Elliott Smith and Sufjan Stevens. Pokett has had the pleasure to share stages with the likes of Death Cab For Cutie, Dinosaur Jr, M Wards and Yo La Tengo. Pokett toured Australia in 2007, playing shows in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

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Radiant City

Andrew McLaughlin : Guitar, Electronics, Voice / Brad Marshall : Drums, Electronics, Voice

A delicious concoction of moody atmospherics, melodic fuzz, driving rhythms and randomised electronic textures. Radiant City played their first show in 2002 and have since toured the nation extensively playing alongside a ton of bands that include P.K.14, SubAudible Hum, Love Of Diagrams, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Dinosaur JR, Damo Suzuki, Gareth Liddiard, Pikelet, Laura, Jakob, This Is Your Captain Speaking, All India Radio, Margins, Ninetynine, International Karate, Blacklevel Embassy, Agents Of Abhorrence and many, many more. The band has released three EP’s and their debut album No Errors was released in September 2010.

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Slight Of Build

Paul Hornsby : Guitar, Vocals / Callan Fox : Guitar / Claire O’Meara : Bass / Nik Kain : Drums

Slight Of Build formed in 2004. Since then, the band has taken shape as a force to be reckoned with, their mighty sound influenced by bands such as Ride, My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth. Their debut EP, released February 2009, Collide EP; presents a band in touch with their sense of melody, dynamics and arrangement. It’s noisy, it’s beautiful, it’ll stick in your head. Slight Of Build have played alongside like minded souls The Black Ryder, The Dolly Rocker Movement, Skull Squadron, The Laurels, Black Cab, The Sand Pebbles and Transnational.

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The Dudley Corporation

The Dudley Corporation are Joss, Mark and Dudley.

Past touring has seen Dublin based Irish band The Dudley Corporation take in shows with such luminaries as Pinback, Low, RFTC, …Trail Of Dead and Stephen Malkmus. In brief, they play short rock songs with wit, verve, romance and booksmarts. Their album In Love With The Dudley Corporation was recorded at The Delgados Chem19 Studios in Scotland with Andy Miller and was released in Ireland/UK on Scientific Laboratories and in the US by Flameshovel Records. It features appearances from members of The Delgados, Camera Obscura and The Tycho Brahe and yielded their first Irish Top 30 single, What A Human Does.

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Spun Rivals

Rich Davies : Guitar, Vocals / Clayton Pegus : Bass / Matt Ryan : Drums

Spun Rivals are one Scott and two Aussies making raucous, britpop-ish, indie-rock employing unvonventional pop structures. Spun Rivals sound features lyrical social commentary inspired by britpop legends Blur and Pulp crossed with driving and chaotic sounds likened to Bloc Party and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Spun Rivals have played alongside the likes of Cut Off Your Hands, The Silents, Violent Soho, Little Red, Young Lovers and Cloud Control.

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Sunny Disposition

Brad Murray : Guitar, Vocals / Cally Tromans : Cello / Kirsty Letts : Bass / Brendan Bartlett : Drums

Formed at the beginning of 2003, Melbourne based four piece Sunny Disposition play a unique style of mellow / alternative rock. Sunny Disposition have played along side The Boat People, Souls On Board, The Pictures, Fourth Floor Collapse, I Love Space, Window, Cam Butler, Marcus Teague, Terrapin, Starboard and countless others. A follow up to their 2005 debut EP is in the works…

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Torun Bomber

Peter Walker : Guitar, Vocals / Michael Bennett : Guitar, Vocals

Sydney based band Torun Bomber take shape from 90′s acts such as like My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Swervedriver and Dinosaur Jr. The heart and soul of the band is Peter Walker and Michael Bennett, who recorded their debut EP with Anthony The (Skull Squadron, Youth Group, I Love Space). The band has played alongside the likes of Sounds Like Sunset, The Golden Mean, Radiant City, Skull Squadron, and Blacklevel Embassy.

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