So who is Wireless Records??

One Sunday afternoon, late 2002, my housemate / bandmate and I strolled on down to our local watering hole, where under the fuzzy haze of Carlton Draught we joked about our frustrations as an independent band and how it could be a good laugh to start our own label. The very next day I thought seriously about the idea of starting a label, and thought why not! At this point in time both my friend and I had no idea how to run a label, let alone run a business. But we simply jumped into the thick of it without much thought or planning. Over the first three years we didn’t do much, as in we had ‘a label’ but we had no money and no artists! So we decided to put out a compilation of Independent Melbourne bands, mainly bands we knew at the time, as a way of cheaply putting out a release without actually having any artists on the label! We couldn’t come up with a name, so we called a spade a spade and gave it the title Wireless Records: A Compilation. This compilation was a freeby that we distributed at gigs. Shortly after A Compilation was out we decided to get our own band into gear and we put out a single, which also was a freeby given out a gigs.

By this stage, we were starting to like the idea of giving away cds as a way of promoting the label, so that’s exactly what we did. We released another compilation and simply called it A Compilation 2. It was after the launch of Comp 2 that we decided we needed to actually get serious and put out our first official release. So in 2005 that’s what we did, WIRE-001 came out on August 1 2005; the debut EP for my band Sunny Disposition. In the back of my mind this was what I had wanted to do from day one – to make the debut release of Wireless Records my own and hopefully grow from there. Shortly after the release of WIRE-001 we decided to put in some serious hours and make this label work.

This year, you will see new releases by Radiant City, Ivy St, Animal Shapes and Slight Of Build. There are a few other little things planned, un-official hand-made type stuff to go along with our national releases just to mix it up a bit. So stay tuned!

Demo Policy

We do not accept unsolicited demos. If you must insist on sending it anyway, please make note of the following; we will not provide feedback and you will not hear from us unless we are interested. As we source our roster via internal channels, we have a very clear stylistic direction for the label. You can hear sample tracks of our roster on¬†MySpace. If your music does not sound like the music you hear on our MySpace page, then please do not send us your material. This is because it will be a waste of your own resources and time. Sorry to be overly negative here, but we receive an endless stream of demos each week, and 99% of them are not anything we are interested in. Furthermore, if your sound does suit the label’s sound or direction, we are only interested in considering bands who have developed their live sound, and are actively gigging or touring.

Retail Orders
All retail orders need to be placed through MGM Рexcept for WIRE001, WIRE005, WIRE013, WIRE014, WIRE015 and WIRE019 Рthese releases can be ordered directly from the Wireless store.  Please note that WIRE006 is now out of print.

General inquiries
: info (at) wirelessrecords.com.au

Label Manager: brad (at) wirelessrecords.com.au

Assistant Label Manager: andrew (at) wirelessrecords.com.au

Please note – “(at)” = “@” (…we know this is annoying, but we are trying to at least slow the amount of email spam we get…)

Or post us something at:

Wireless Records
PO Box 1074
Bakery Hill
Victoria 3354