Animal Shapes
Ivy St.
Slight Of Build

CD EP. 2008

No Errors
CD LP. 2010

Radiant City
CD EP. 2006

Two Against Eight
CD Single. 2009

Andrew McLaughlin : Guitar, electronics, voice
Brad Marshall : Drums, electronics, voice

Radiant City are still that band from Melbourne. Brad Marshall still plays drums and some programable gadgets with Andrew McLaughlin still playing guitar, keys, and some other electronic devices. They also occasionally uses their voices. The outcome is a raucous sonic beast that swells and writhes with intricate waves of melodic fuzz, driving rhythms and randomised electronic textures.

“Following a slew of impressive EPs and some of the best live instrumental rock that Melbourne has to offer, power-duo Radiant City have finally unleashed their debut album, No Errors. I say ‘unleashed’ because RC are pretty heavy on the fuzzy riffs and thunderous toms, and often come flying at you with the ferocity of a wild cat, all claws and spit. And when they slow-burn, you’re still poised and alert, waiting for the fury to return. I’ve heard plenty of studio-recorded albums that don’t sound anywhere near this vivid. An impressive and inventive debut from one of Melbourne’s finest instrumental bands.” [sic] Magazine

No Errors is Radiant City’s fifth release, but it’s their first long player. After four short-duration works, and many a day doing what all good bands do, it was about time for the long awaited missing piece - an album.

No Errors was again constructed in the confines of McLaughlin’s lounge and dining rooms between October 2009 and January 2010. Everything was played, recorded and mixed by the band themselves with James Tulczyn rounding it all off on the final master.

During the past eight years Radiant City have toured the nation extensively and have played alongside a ton of bands that include P.K.14, SubAudible Hum, Love Of Diagrams, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Dinosaur JR, Damo Suzuki, Gareth Liddiard (The Drones), Pikelet, Laura, Jakob, This Is Your Captain Speaking, All India Radio, Margins, Ninetynine, International Karate, Blacklevel Embassy, Agents Of Abhorrence, The Tigers, Cam Butler (Silver Ray), Group seizure, The Instant, The Thaw and many, many more...

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Terminal Drift
CD EP. 2009