Tiger EP
CD EP. 2011

Troy Coxhill : Drums
Matt Fox : Guitar & Percussion
Chris Turner : Baritone Guitar

Innovation. Melbourne outfit Nightmaster combine angular rock with Afro beat and calypso rhythms, apply some unexpected song structures and add surf melodies to create (arguably) seriously (totally) fresh summer jams. Songs are written to speak for themselves, as there is no singing to speak for them. Drawing on influences such as Fela Kuti, Wire, Tortoise and Santo and Johnny, Nightmaster makes you want to dance and/or go surfing, whichever you prefer. The live show tends to be a pretty good time.

Integrity. Nightmaster began doing shows in Melbourne in 2009 at venues including The Tote, Pony, The Old Bar, The Curtin Bandroom, The Birmingham Hotel, and probably some other places that don’t come immediately to mind. The stage has been shared with bands like Pets With Pets, Love Connection, Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, Daughterboy Jao, Milk Teddy, Radiant City, the Strange Attractions and Fourteen Nights at Sea. Friendships have been formed. Hearts have been broken. No equipment has been broken, however.

Excellence. The ‘Tiger EP’ brings five of the band’s instrumental gems to life in the modern Compact Disc format. The limited-release mini-epic was recorded at Soundpark Studios in Northcote by the masterful hand of Idge. Lead track ‘Cool Breeze’ will make you wish you were a millionaire, just so you could donate more to charity. The first half of 2011 will see a second release.

Teamwork. The line-up consists of Troy Coxhill on drums, Matt Fox on guitar and percussion, and Chris Turner on a Fender Bass VI baritone guitar thingy. Troy most recently fronted local duo TV for Cats. Troy is a vegan, an amateur fruit farmer and a gentleman. Matt and Chris met while living in Cambodia where they had a rock band. More recently both played in Melbourne indie rock band Soaring Eagle. Matt has a robust sneaker collection while Chris is from Canada. The live show sometime features percussionist Rod Collins, currently of smooth rock band Puerto Rico.



Animal Shapes
Ivy St.
Radiant City
Slight Of Build