Calibi - Yau
CD LP. 2010

Ransacking The
Chinese Room

CD Single. 2010

Adam Lees : Guitar, Vocals
Chris Burke : Guitar, Vocals
Jonny Turcinskis : Bass, Vocals
Nick Van Breda : Drums, Vocals

Animal Shapes are a Sydney based four piece, drawing inspiration from the likes of Sonic Youth, Minus The Bear, American Football, Fugazi and Battles. Animal Shapes is made up of members of Sydney bands Grand Fatal, Lights Out, Lungs, The Optionals, The Reason, and Staying At Home. They attempt to construct noodley "twinkle-core" (a self-proclaimed genre of sorts) as democratically as possible. Animal Shapes' debut single Ransacking The Chinese Room is out April 3 on Wireless Records.



Ivy St.
Radiant City
Slight Of Build